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Francie Stoner – CEO & Partner – francie@difcomdesigns.com – 816-226-3322


29 years at Cerner Corporation, an incredibly innovative healthcare transformation company, has prepared Francie Stoner well for coaching others to be great at motivating people to change! Building DifCom Designs to help people learn effective and motivating communication skills is the natural business for Francie.

Presenting to executives around the world has been an everyday event for Francie Stoner.  In 2010 alone, she delivered over 140 presentations to healthcare executives from over 300 different organizations around the world.  For 20 years she has been responsible for developing and delivering Cerner’s key messages and story in the Experience Theater, part of Cerner’s world-renown Vision Center. Training Cerner associates in their presentation skills was part of her ‘AND’ job, working with a partner to develop a Cerner-focused 3 day workshop that over the 10 year run was given was the #1 ranked learning experience ranked by Cerner associates.  Ready for a new challenge outside of Cerner, before she left she had to prepare her fellow associates.  Over her last 2 years at Cerner, she developed a new training program that has been delivered to close to 1000 associates and again has the #1 ranking for learning experiences at Cerner.  She and her partner, Bryan Ritter, have trained more than 30 associates in facilitating that program so that she and Bryan could move into the industry and provide Communications Training Excellence to other organizations as well.  Her diverse healthcare background – Medical Technology, radiology, emergency medicine, and office practice management- as well as her exposure to IT in incredible amounts, have given her great insight into the diverse world of healthcare, IT and software computing, and the world of communication.

Working with clients around the world has given her insight into the variety of healthcare provided in different cultures, from elite level and academic care where experts are doing research on the newest methods to rural care where incredible care is delivered to neighbors and friends to 3rd world countries where care is often done with minimal tools, lots of love and in many cases is for survival.  No matter where Francie is working, she is working to help people be their best!   Her focus in DifCom Designs is helping people experience new communication success, understanding how to get their messages across and motivate people to action!  Have fun with Bryan and Francie while you develop a new, refreshed way of communicating well!

Bryan Ritter – President & Partner – bryan@difcomdesigns.com – 913-938-3120

bryan2After twenty five years in healthcare and ten years of front line sales, Bryan started to notice trends in successful presentations and product demonstrations. As the Executive responsible for the development of associates that provided key sales presentations, Bryan sought out industry vendors that provide communication training. After auditing five of the most highly recommended venders, Bryan was not satisfied with their approach and asked his trusted friend and colleague Francie Stoner to co-develop a workshop that ultimately became the framework for Difcom Designs.