Wayne Sensor Speaks out about the DifCom Difference

Video Testimonial – Lisa Campbell – Vice President – Cerner Corporation

J.D. Tyler, M.D. – Physician Executive – Cerner Corporation

“With so many options for clients today, there is no advantage in showing what you do or even how you do it.  The biggest advantage is being able to communicate why you do it.  Francie and Bryan have an amazing ability, unlike anyone I have ever met, to teach others how to deliver the “why” message.  It’s made a world of difference for me.”

“Francie will impress you with her enthusiasm and can-do attitude; you and your organization will benefit from her knowledge and skills. But the bottom-line is the enhanced communication abilities you’ll develop — which will set you apart and above the rest !!”  Patrick J. McGinnis, MD MS MBA,” – Director of Medical Informatics / Texas Medical Center

“I am delighted to recommend Francie Stoner in her new role as an executive coach and trainer in communication skills. I was fortunate enough to have had the wonderful experience of being a trainee in the communication skills Francie provided at Cerner. The lessons learned over a decade ago have stood me well in my professional career. I wish you many successful years in this new career direction and recommend Francie to all my network.” Alastair MacGregor  SVP, Chief Healthcare Information Officer, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Memphis, TN  July 11, 2013

“One of the best training experiences I’ve ever had was with Francie. I was so enraptured by her calm, soothing yet productive style that I made darn sure I incorporated her advanced presentation skills course into the curriculums I design . Fortunately, I was able to co-facilitate that course with her and would relish the day to do that again. I’ve consistently pulled concepts and components from that initial program into my current role of preparing large engineering proposal presentations. They are that effective, that a decade later I’m taking credit for her approach!” Vance Brison, Performance Consultant, Black & Veatch  July 10, 2013

“Superlatives are the only way to describe Francie’s work… so much so that this recommendation may seem too good to be true. Francie is an extraordinary workshop leader and facilitator. She has the ability to incorporate her vast business experience into a learning process personalized to each participant. And… she’s interesting. When working with her the feedback was always unlimited acclaim for the content, delivery and learning environment Judith (Judy) Juergens, Owner, Precision Presentations Presentation Training & Coaching Consultant  July 7, 2013

“Francie is an excellent presenter and teacher. She has passion for her clients and a very positive attitude. Any organization looking to improve their presentation skills or train staff to expand their current capabilities, Francie and her company are an excellent choice.”  John Buzzelli  National Director, Business Development & Optimization Consulting at The J2 Group Inc  July 5, 2013

“Francie is a wonderful person with infectious enthusiasm for the subject of executive leadership for quality outcomes… no one better to communicate that than Francie… she is terrific, the best” John P Hoyt FACHE FHIMSSExecutive, Vice President at HIMSS  July 3, 2013

“I have worked with Francie on and off over many years as a Cerner client at Aurora Health Care in Wisconsin. She is always easy to work with, knowledgeabel re: health IT, and eager to partner for a win/win relationship. Happy to recommend her!” Judy Murphy, RN, FACMI, FHIMSS, FAAN Deputy National Coordinator for Programs and Policy at Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT July 5, 2013

“I had the pleasure of training under Francie as a new Client Executive at Cerner. Few words can describe how valuable, insightful, knowledgeable and dynamic she was. Not only was she able to teach the class about how to manipulate the culture and environment within the company, but also provided very relevant and useful information about the healthcare industry in such a way that anyone could learn from her. Stealing from the Geico commercials, she made it so easy a caveman could learn from her! As a sales leader, I would not hesitate to bring her in to train my team on the proper way to present and how to build relationships. I would recommend her to anyone! John Gonsalves Vice President, Enterprise Accounts API Healthcare” July 9, 2013

“Francie is a consummate senior executive with excellent communication, presentation, training and executive relationship skills. She is extremely knowledgeable about the healthcare industry, the requirements for healthcare reform as well as technology, products and processes and how they can significantly improve patient care and provider efficiency. She’s is focused, articulate, has outstanding stage presence, and an absolute pleasure to work with.” Roz Therrien  GM Clinical Analytics and Clinical Content at TriZetto Corporation July 9, 2013

“Extremely excited to see Francie build DifCom Designs LLC and share her passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, and outstanding presentation skills to a larger audience. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to work with Francie and receive her guidance and top-rated training. Having presented with Francie on stage, I’m happy to provide the highest recommendation of her ability to train/teach audiences of all sizes. It was a pleasure working with Francie and organizations will benefit greatly from Francie’s outstanding communication and training skills.” Jason Burritt Client Alignment Director  Netsmart TechnologiesJuly 10, 2013

“When Francie is brought into a project, everything changes for the better – you know you will reach your goals. My professional association and friendship with Francie was pivotal in my career. We worked on many high-stakes opportunities together leading to great success, driven in a large part to her rich analysis, planning, and execution skills. She is a joy to work with, both you and your business will improve. Winning with Francie is a great feeling.”  Mike Keller RN, MS,  Senior Clinical Consultant, GE July 11, 2013

“Throughout my 6 years at Cerner, there was one “go-to” person for presentations. That person was Francie McNair-Stoner. Whether she was working directly with clients, training the sales force in persuasive public speaking, or articulating the mission and impact of Cerner’s charity; when Francie spoke – people listened.

She is a great story teller and can teach you how to immediately connect with an audience. Her effectiveness in persuasive speaking is legendary – she once walked out of presentation to 40 new hires with 40 completed forms pledging financial support to Cerner’s charity, First Hand Foundation. They hadn’t even received their first paycheck and Francie moved them to set aside a portion of their pay every week thereafter.

Francie’s helped me dramatically improve my comfort and effectiveness as a public speaker just as she has hundreds of others throughout her career. Her techniques work in all venues because she’s honest and sincere. She helped me break through mental barriers and unlock the public speaker inside of me in a way that audiences/clients/prospects can relate to. I’m still using the fundamentals she taught me to this day.”  Marshall Meek, Executive Director at St. Francis Health Center

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